All party bookings are now made and paid on-line.
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Information on Jungle Jungle Parties
Our Party packages have recently changed, so that we can accomodate parties in the centre during Covid restrictions

Daytime Parties
These will be held on the same time slots as our general sessions, and will utilise the 6 tables in front of the main counter. The package includes one hour of general play for the children, and then 30mins for food.
NameUpto ChildrenUpto AdultsPrice
Daytime Party Children 121212£120

After Hour Parties
After hours parties start at 5:45pm, and have 1hour 15mins of general play. You will have sole use of the centre. At 7pm, the food will be brought out, and the party will finish at 7:30pm. We have a number of different size parties for after hours
NameUpto ChildrenUpto AdultsPrice
After Hours Children 121215£175
After Hours Children 151520£200
After Hours Children 202025£250
After Hours Children 252530£300
After Hours Children 303035£340
After Hours Children 353535£375

Party Food
For the children at the party, we supply
    Unlimited Squash
    An individual cake
And a main option of
Pizza and ChipsHome made pepperoni and vegetarian pizza and chips.
Sandwiches and CrispsA range of party sandwiches, crisps, cocktail sausages and carrot sticks.
We are hoping to add more food options shortly.

All you need to supply is
    Any Party bags you wish to give out
    A Birthday Cake.
Please Note : Due to Covid regulations, candles are not allowed on the birthday cake (A single candle can be put onto an individual cake for blowing out).

You can now make payments towards your party at any time you wish (as long as it is paid in full by the due date). So if you want to make weekly or monthly online payments, you can do so.

All party bookings are now made and paid on-line.
Click Here for Party Booking

If parties are booked more than 14 days in advance, then only a deposit of £50 is required to secure your party. Full payment must be made 9 days before your party. The party will be auto cancelled 8 days before your party if full payment has not been received. Reminder E-mails will be sent

If parties are booked less than 14 days in advance then full payment will be required at the time of booking to secure your party.

Parties can not be booked less than 9 days before the party. If you need to book with less notice than this, please email us below with the date you require and a contact phone number, and we will contact you.

You can make payments any time you like through the party portal. This means you can make say weekly or monthly payments if it helps you budget.

For After Hours parties, you can change the size of your party up to 9 days before your party. At this point, the size of the party will become fixed.

If you wish to cancel, a full refund will be made if cancellation is requested more than 14 days in advance of your party.

If the notice is less than 14 days in advance of your party, but more than 9 days, then the depsoit of £50 will be retained by us, and any additional monies paid will be refunded to you.

If the notice is less than 9 days in advance of your party (including auto cancellation), then all monies will be retained by us.

For all cancellations, please E-mail us at including the date and time of your party and your name.