Off-Peak Peak
New born upto 3months (with walking child entry) Free Free
New born upto 3months (no other child entry) £2.50 £2.50
Non Walking Child over 3months £3.00 £4.00
Walking Child up to age 11 £4.50 £6.90
Child aged 11-17 not playing £2.00 £2.00
All Adults £1.00 £2.00

Peak is weekends and holiday periods (including days each side of main holiday periods).
Off-Peak is all other days.

When you book, you are booking a table with 4 - 8 seats. During peak times, there is a minimum fee per table, equivalent to one adult and one walking child. Two friends are welcome to share a table by booking a table together.

Please note - we do not allow customers to bring their own food or drink into the centre (with the exception of baby food/drink or allergen foods). There is a large selection of food, confectionery and drinks available from our Cafe.

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Credit / Debit Card Welcome